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Stable profit

Stable profit

Great growth opportunities

Great growth opportunities

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Alliance’s Ecosystem

Used alone or in an integrated manner, our premium open-source services cover all of your database needs.



Proof of Stake abortion technology by P2P Staking mining system of ALLIANCE.



The ALS wallet integrates data storage and is a P2P staking device.



The exchange is designed exclusively for the ALSToken and ALLIANCE’s ecosystem.



Online employment plat-form helps connect employees with employer through smart contract.



A payment platform for the ALLIANCE Ecosystem, in particular the ALS staking P2P platform.

Jobseeking The perfect work in your way

Online employment plat-form helps connect employees with employer through smart contract


Our mission is to help those have part-time job to increase their income; businesses and individuals can look for workers through a platform having intelligent tools such as intelligence artificial (AI). Owing to automatic selection feature based on geographic location, time, the nature of job, and salary, it’s quite easy and quick for seekers to look for the most suitable jobs and employers also will find the right and ideal candidates. In addition to this mission which is to provide jobs for billions of laborers all over the world, we’re also ones to connect labor’s needs with employers to make full use of excess human resources of society


Smart contract
Smart contract
Save time and cost
Save time and cost
Increase income
Increase income
Eliminate intermediate steps
Eliminate intermediate steps

Why choose us

We are an organization with long experience in exploiting the potential of internet technology and is one of the owners of the most modern mining platform.

We understand the cryptocurrency market. Many years of effective operation in the field of exchange rate differences.

Why choose us


What is ALLIANCE GROUP? What activities in the field?

ALLIANCE GROUP is a collective activity in the field of technology and the exploitation of technological potential. We build an ecosystem to support each other, promote and develop the ALS community.

What is the ALLIANCE GROUP's ecosystem? Specifically?

The ALLIANCE GROUP's ecosystem includes technology projects revolving around application development, seeking solutions to optimize investments from ALS P2P staking.

What is ALS P2P Staking?

As an application, a technological solution integrates the storage of digital assets and connects Nodes and Master Nodes systems to create profit streams for the community.

What is Staking?

Staking is a term for registering a certain amount of coins to create Nodes or Master Nodes based on the use of POS (Proof of Stake) technology of some coins to unlock new blocks to receive block rewards.

What is P2P Staking?

P2P staking is a research and development solution based on blockchain technology to help the community - even people who are not tech-savvy and do not have much capital can still participate in the staking process to find. Earn rewards.

Who can participate in ALS P2P Staking?

We build ALS staking solution in order to bring opportunities to capture the Staking trend to each individual in the community. So anyone can join P2P staking with ALS staking.

Is ALS staking a risky invest?

For investing in cryptocurrencies is somewhat risky than other professions. However, we have leading experts in developing the technology platform as well as assessing the market in order to offer useful solutions to the investment community as well as to increase sustainable profits.

If we are involved in staking with ALS, do we want to change our decision and cancel the contract?

Investors can cancel the contract at any time and bear the fees as prescribed and the original agreement.

How long will it take for me to receive profit from staking, and how will I receive it?

After activating the investment package with ALS Staking, profits will be paid on the next day and paid daily. You choose which staking will receive profit in that copper, based on the initial staking amount to calculate profit.

What is the ALS token? What is the one-way price increase mechanism?

ALS Token is a technology solution and a companion product of ALS Staking. The ALS Token is designed with a specific price increase mechanism - it's a reversible price mechanism. As follows: When an investor chooses Staking with an ALS token, the equivalent amount of ALS tokens in the system will be locked and burned (lock and burn) to reduce inflation. Under the supply and demand mechanism, ALS will naturally increase in value. In addition, ALS tokens are also used in circulation in the ecosystem of ALLIANCE GROUP to create the flow of cash flow, stimulating the price growth of ALS.

Without staking ALS tokens, where can I buy ALS?

Currently, without staking, ALS cannot own ALS tokens, because we do not create ALS for sale.

How can you join staking with ALS?

It is very simple, you just need to download ALS wallet and activate your account, deposit the property and you want to staking into the ALS wallet platform, then receive regular daily profits. Specifically see our instructions on the information channel.

Where can I sell coins after taking profits?

You can trade on exchanges listed for coins: ADA, TRX, EOS, ZRX, XTZ For ALS tokens, you can swap directly on the ALS wallet platform to receive USDT.

Is ALS wallet reliable?

ALS wallet is a distributed wallet platform, which means that you own it completely and have personal security, so it is very secure.

How money can I invest minimum or maximum?

You can staking a minimum of $ 100 and no maximum limit.

What are the benefits when we join ALS Staking?

Members of ALS staking global have many benefits such as:
- Receive regular interest rate from 8-11% monthly.
- Opportunity to own multiple ALS tokens (operates under a one-way price increase mechanism).
- Free use of products of the ALLIANCE ecosystem.
- Minimize risks when you want to hold tokens (TRX, ADA, XTZ, EOS, ZRX).

If there is no one Staking on the ALS Staking platform, can my assets be at risk?

In essence, we have been operating Staking for the past 3 years and only for Private investors, so far it works well and has not had any property problems.

Benefit sharing from ALLIANCE mining center


An automated mining platform with extremely simple operations. We have made it possible for users to access larger capital resources to optimize the large and small investments.

William Geoghegan CEO Alliance Group
Save Time

Save time and earn more money

We provide a technology solution to shorten the time for investment creation and continuous, uninterrupted mining process.

Stable profit

Stable profit

We focus on setting up staking nodes to generate revenue stream.

Great growth opportunities

Great growth opportunities

ALS tokens are designed to be added in reversible exchange rate converters to stimulate demand and constantly increase prices.

Our Promises

End-to-end security

All P2P investment data is bidirectional encrypted to ensure the security of investment accounts.

Fast data transfer

Huge, modern data storage system helps the system of trading and exchanging investment quickly and safely.

Cash back

We have a refund policy for user systems when investing in our staking platform.

Our nodes on the world

To ensure the security of user data systems, we build a virtual server system distributed throughout the world.


What our customers say


When I understood the potential of the cryptocurrency market, but didn't know where to choose it, I was introduced to ALLIANCE and ALS tokens by a close friend. And I think this is a good opportunity to start. At the moment I feel very comfortable and comfortable sending my savings to staking and receiving daily profits. Thanks the development team!


I got to know the project after looking for information on investment trends for 2020. And I understand that Staking is a trend. It was a surprise as soon as staking I received daily profits, steadily and more and more reassured to witness the growing ALS community in many countries. I feel really lucky to have known ALS since it was very early, and little is known about it. Thankfully, I understood this was my opportunity. Wishing friends in the community to accompany the long term.


Because my office work is too busy, I don't have too much time to open another business on my own. I was lucky to have my brother talk and staking and ALS. I had a source of income up to 10% monthly to accumulate. I feel very interesting. Thanks ALS staking. Thanks Anbert - My brother!

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